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Hello! My name is Galit Lewinski and I’m a Vancouver based photographer. Since I was a little girl I loved collecting, saving and writing down memories; especially capturing them with my camera.

enjoy observing people, and document their actions and expressions. I truly love meeting families, children, expecting parents and new people in general; participating in their joy and excitement.

During those happy occasions I observe from the sidelines - not interfering - yet being in the moment, with you. 

I look for those intimate moments; that glance, those connections, that secret smile. I try to catch and freeze these special times in my photography, because it is how we can keep them forever


Since my graduation from "Betzalel" Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, 2004 I photographed hundreds of events, celebrations, children, families and more. Looking at all those photos I know how lucky I am to be a photographer.

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